GMFT is all about easy and transparent support in Trademark Lifecycle.

Engage us to prepare, file, prosecute and secure Trademark applications, worldwide.

GMFT follows an easy process i.e.
(1) Validate Logo/Name
(2) Design Trademarks
(3) File Trademarks

Engage us to perform a Logo/Name/Trademark Search -> Design Logo/Name/Trademark -> File Trademark Application

GMFT assist in easy validation of Logo/Names.

Engage us to Engage us to assist you in making Trademark filing decisions as every Logo/Name is not worth a Trademark.

GMFT works with Trademark Designers to create unique Trade-name/Trademark

Engage us to assist you in designing Trademark application as per your country laws.

GMFT works with Trademark attorneys to file Trademarks, worldwide.

Engage us to assist you in swift and easy Trademark filing in any country.
Cost Reduction

An effective Trademark filing strategy saves cost. Use the savings, to file new Trademark applications. Need assistance, contact us.

Customized Strategy

Customized Trademark filing strategies to secure Logo/Names in efficient and effective manner. Need assistance, contact us.

Clear Decision

No emotions, pure decisions. Trademark Filing is cost, file what can be Trademark-ed. Need assistance, contact us.

Local Experts

We understand your language. Experts can work in different foreign languages. Need assistance, contact us.

Logo/Name Optimization

Your first Trademark was not designed/drafted well. We can assist you in re-designing the same. Need assistance, contact us.

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About GMFT

GetMyFirstTrademark (GMFT) is premier Trademark consulting firm with expertise in validating Logo/Name (should you file Trademark application or not?), Logo/Name/Trademark Designing (quality and quantitate technical designing) and Trademark application filing in your country (and other countries). Our customized strategies have helped numerous ‘Logo/Name owners’ in avoiding unnecessary cost and paper work.

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Affordable Trademark Services

Trademark (Logo/Name) Validation - Trademark Designing - Trademark Filing Get “Trademark Pending” in 24 hours!



Consult us to determine if it is worth filing a Trademark.


Tech Experts

Consult us to design quality Trademark.



Consult us to identify which country you should file Trademark.



Need assistance, contact us.

1-2-3 & Done

Trademark (Logo/Name) Validation - Trademark Designing - Trademark Filing Get “Trademark Pending” in 24 hours!

Trademark (Logo/Name) Validation
  • Is your Trademark novel /Trademark-able?

  • Request a Trademark Novelty Assessment

  • Determine if it is worth filing a Trademark

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Trademark Designing
  • Will your design-up meet standards of Trademark Offices?

  • Request a Quality Trademark Design by experts

  • A good Trademark Design will save future expenses

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Trademark Filing
  • Which country should you file a Trademark?

  • Don’t file Trademark in any country

  • Request Quotes for Trademark Filing in different countries

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Happy Clients

We have been using your services for a while and are impressed with quick reverts. Equally impressed with your ready to customize report approach. We would keep coming to you every time we want to think of patents.


For most of my client budget remains a constraint. We are happy to find you as you understand their need for customized solution per the budget they have. So far no disappointments. Keep up the good work and the pace.


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