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Strategies to reduced cost/expenses in trademark filings

Trademark or Tradename – this is all what matters

Thinking to file an application for trademark? Think twice, it is a costly affair. Once ready and determined, ensure that the trademark application is clearly and vividly written to cover all aspects of your intended business or product. The trademark application must have clear and precisely trade-name or product name or coined word or logo ( actually, the item for which trademark application is being filed).

Most tradenames or logos are poorly ‘created’. Once filed, even the best of the trademark attorneys would fail to get you a trademark application if the tradename/logo/word-mark is absurdly coined or designed.

Uniqueness – Core of patent specification

Trademark is a word, design or other designation that uniquely identifies a company or its products or services. Clearly, as trademark owner, one wishes to avoid running into ‘similarity’ of trademark owned by others which eventually may result in trademark infringement suit.

Hire a professional trademark or tradename designers. Just inserting drawings or photographs of a prototype is a very bad idea and may result in enormous amount of unnecessary cost. Most trademark offices across globe refuse to accept colourful photographs and/or colourful drawings.

Get a trademark Clearance Search - Last but very important

You may think, that your trademark is unique but the trademark examiners may not agree with you. A similar sounding or looking trademark owned by your competitor can be very fatal to your application for trademark.

If you are getting inspired from a competitor or a rival and plan to ‘identity theft’, consult a local attorney immediately. Such inspirations can cause you ‘private economic recession’.

GetMyFirstTrademark (GMFT) can assist you in designing quality trademark. Also, we highly recommend performing a trademark pre-filing search (or clearance search).

Thinking to write a trademark application, get in touch today.

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Trademark (Logo/Name) Validation
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Trademark Designing
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Trademark Filing
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