My trademark ‘Strongest’ – How to?

Apple Inc has a fruit (apple) as a trademark. But do they sell apples? No, they sell computers and other computing devices. So, what makes the logo (trademark) of Apple Inc so strong?

Legally speaking, it is the fact that the logo (apple) has no association with the associated goods (or services), the company sells.

Most trademark offices, weight trademark applications on ‘distinctiveness’ and ‘devoid of suggestive or descriptive character’. Apple Inc’s logo clearly passes the aforementioned requirement. Clearly, the logo is distinct and does not suggest (or relates) to computing devices.

Generic words or descriptive logos are almost impossible to be trademarked. For example, if you open a pizza business and name it ‘No 1 Pizza Guy’ , you’ll probably have a harder time trademarking the same. Your attorney may share more insights per your local country laws. However, ‘N1PG’ may still stand strong.

Hey, don’t copy or get inspired by ‘N1PG’ yet, get a pre-filing search or trademark validation search done. So, you must know that ‘Trademarks cannot be offensive’.

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